Tips for Your Online Home Search

Online Home Search

While many home searches start online these days, it can quickly become overwhelming with so many options, videos, photos, and virtual home tours.  At the same time, it can be a very efficient way to find your next home. Plus, sitting back on your couch with online home tours can help narrow down the communities you visit in-person. Here are a few tips to make your online home search experience efficient in order to find your new home.

Before You Start Your Online House Search

Before you begin your home search you should know two things: budget and must-haves.

While this is also true for any type of home search, it is so much more important with online house searching since the quantity of available inventory, various floor plans, available upgrades and more can become easily overwhelming.

Budget is an essential part of making your online home search effective. By knowing your budget, you can stay focused on homes you can afford. You can utilize the price filter tool on the website to help save time and give you better search results.

Use Filters to Narrow Your Online Home Search

Now that you know your budget and must-haves, use them as filters to narrow down your search. In the beginning, focus on the big elements like price, bedrooms and bathrooms. This may produce quite a few options, but will allow you to see the amenities that typically come in your price point. Once you have an idea of what other must-haves fit within your price range, you can begin to narrow down your search using more detailed filters.

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Viewing Homes Online

There can be several options to view the home online. At Bluewood, homebuyers can view homes through various image and video galleries, virtual walk-throughs, download Bluewood’s curated floor plans, as well as view new home inventory listings. Some of the virtual walk-throughs include measuring capabilities as well, which is a great feature to see how existing furniture may fit into your new home.

In addition to the image galleries and walk-throughs, home listings include a detailed description of the home and its amenities. This may include information about the community, on-site and local schools, nearby shopping, transportation, parks and recreation areas, churches, and entertainment centers. Bluewood’s website includes details about all onsite amenities as well as the surrounding community.

Lastly, most listings have the precise address and builder name so you can easily navigate your in-person experience when you go to the community. All listings have the option to request more information and can be a helpful tool if you have a quick question for the sales counselor.

Moving to the Next Step: In-Person Visits

Once you’ve completed your online home search, it’s time to visit your top picks in person. At Bluewood, our model homes are open daily, so contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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