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Homebuying Guide

You Can Afford a New Home

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Mortgage Calculator

Loan Calculator Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage CalculatorLoan Calculator

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Disclaimer: This calculator is provided for estimating purposes only. All rates, payment amounts, and property taxes are approximate and must be verified directly with your builder, lender, and the appropriate taxing entity. Hillwood Communities makes no guarantees on the information provided herein.

The internet is full of myths about homebuying. For renters, the biggest myth is you can’t afford it. But, with historically low interest rates for home mortgages, there’s no better time to learn that buying a new home is within your reach.

To help you cut through the noise about home buying and the process, Hillwood Communities has put together this handy guide. It is filled with important information about affordability, interest rates and payments, the homebuying process, and the benefits of owning over renting. With interest rates this low, there has never been a better time to buy than right now.

In addition to giving you straight-forward information on home buying, we’ve included a mortgage calculator here so you can start evaluating the options available to you.


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